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Geographic: Boundaries are the Rakaia River to the north and the Rangitata River to the south and from the sea to the main divide.
BusinessElectricity Network Lines owner with a contracting division undertaking construction and maintenance of overhead and underground high voltage lines and substations.
Regional ActivityAgriculture and related servicesLand use intensification including dairying, vegetable and small seed production has increased the districts need for irrigation waterElectricity capacity has doubled in the last ten years primarily driven by increased use of irrigation pumping.
Company StructureElectricity Ashburton is a registered Cooperative company that replaced the Ashburton Electric Power Board in 1995.
ShareholdersAll electricity consumers connected to the distribution network are allocated $100 of nontradeable shares and are represented by an elected shareholders committee.
Connections15,311 network connections
Line Length2,776 km with voltages from 400 volts to 66,000 volts
Demand95,580 kVA peaking in summer
Energy360 GWh distributed per annum
Network Value:  $110 million
Employees68 full time read more

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