American Roulette History

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In the history of the gambling, there are many cases when Americans borrowed some European games for money. As a result they had invented their own ones and some of them became even more successful and popular.

Such a case is the American roulette. It is by and large a “whitish” version of the classic European roulette with slight changes. In particular, they are:

  • two sectors of the zero (0);
  • and double zero (00).

The numbers on the roulette wheel are located a little bit differently.

From Canada to the USA

The tradition of playing roulette was brought to American continent by the French colonists. In the middle of the XVIII century roulette, a “devil wheel” was banned in Quebec, a city founded by French newcomers in the northeastern part of North America which now belongs to Canada.

However, the local authorities ban to play roulette in no way stopped gambling. In the XIX century players in the South of the United States already enjoyed a real American roulette. This was merely pure version of the game American casino can play today (with two sectors of the zero). Later, the passion for playing roulette also spread to the northern states. However, the game didn’t become the “queen of casino games” – such way a roulette is often perceived in Europe. In today’s American casinos, card games such as blackjack or poker are more popular. A Roulette now viewed as a kind of extra entertainment for tourists.

American Tips

The “progenitor” of the modern American roulette had another significant difference – in addition to standard cells with numbers from 1 to 36, sectors 0 and 00 this roulette provided another sector decorated with an eagle image. The American symbol of freedom not only informed all those who were curious that they were playing exactly in American roulette, but served a much more prosaic goal – increased the advantage of local casinos. However, this sector on the American roulette wheel has not lasted so long – today, in the US casinos you will not see a roulette with the American eagle. But “zero” cells are painted in green, numbered – in red and black.

The American roulette playing follows some European rules: the croupier launches the roulette wheel and throws the ball, and then collects bets from the players. It is possible to make bets after a dealer’s announcement of the and up to the time when a croupier declares that all bets are made;

But in the American Roulette, there are a total of more than a dozen different bets that are conventionally divided into two categories: internal rates and external bets. In this variety of roulette games there is an important point: you can bet on five numbers which is the actual number and two numbers to the left and to the right of the selected sector. There is no such opportunity in the European Roulette.

So, read these rules carefully and enjoy the game either in a land-based casino or in its online version.

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